What does it mean to be Human

What does it mean to be Human

Being Human is what you make of it. Break the rules. Not the law but think outside the box. Being human is your sense of yourself others around you. Being human in my opinion is also to accept your inner animal. In my eyes humans are like children who had no parents and that we were feral creature for many years in the caveman ages. However we have somehow got smarter and more intellectual into the modern era. We also must remember the continuing evil traits surrounding our race. I still do believe we are the most cruelest race on the planet as we are the only animals that put so much abuse on our own kind. Other animal kingdom may have women doing different roles for instance but they don’t have racism and prejudice like we do.


Humans Greed could be argued that it is part of us being predators, however surely we have evolved into more intelligent creatures. With us being more intelligent surely we can adapt to protect animals from extinction. With us being at the top of the food chain you would think we would think wisely about our decisions and not destroy the ecosystem. This is not the case though as we have abused our power completely and we are destroying the earth. Although there is talk of us trying to curve and correct these reckless changes, I believe that there won’t be a long term solution in ages and it maybe too late. Maybe the end of humans will be when the earth has had enough of us in which it kills us in natural disasters before we kill it. Maybe the demise in itself is also part of being human and that our time is up?
western world in words

(See Fig. 1)


I then stop to think. That although we have a deep problems we can still change. We have come this far in technology, can’t we iron out the mistakes? However isn’t that what make us still animals? Instead of ‘ironing’ out the mistakes, can we actually fix them. We see that humans are able to accomplish many things. Such as Nelson Mandela and Gandhi’s triumph against injustice and Malala’s fight for education. We begin to realize that although we perceive the world to be black with only glimmers of light surely. It could also be flipped in that human life is bright creation with black spots of imperfections.


“Culturally, we are more like an entire adaptive radiation, similar to the dinosaurs, birds, and mammals, than a single biological species”

Wilson (n.d)


For me Humans still have a lot to learn. We need to look after each other and our surroundings more often and that our desire for more personal possessions may have blinded ourselves to have a future of culture less and so called perfect and divine human beings in which we play god. Our Greed could escalate and I feel this will be the end. When we slowly lose our humanity altogether and although we will be somewhat human, the soul that we once had will be truly gone.


Figure 1. Western World in Words pictures (N.D) [Diagram] At https://hague6185.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/values-wordle.jpg (Accessed on 29/03/16)


How we  are different to other Species

Wilson. D (n.d). How we  are different to other Species at http://www.humansandnature.org/to-be-human-david-sloan-wilson (accessed on 29/03/16)


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