Why is identity so important in today’s society?

Identity in the modern day society is mankind’s cling to self importance. As we conform to these new ideas as new possibilities and revolution. Since the creation of Europe and imperialism, we have sought the will of new ideas in the pursuit of new opportunities.For example: in Ancient Greece we sought to create society, philosophy. In Ancient Roman times we sought to create democracy as well as a developed system of aristocracy. These idea till this day still hold a big part of society today even though Ancient Roman existence has been long past. These civilizations changed us from the hunter gather to a worker and soon. With this deep and vast structure of society in place it has led us to many outcomes such as colonialism which has spread these imperialistic  ideals of religion and nationalism across the world.


Nowadays we review our multiculturalism as revolutionary and unique. However we can take this idea from Roman times. For instance the dissent to people of non-roman descent. For example if you were non roman you could not represent their society which is vastly similar today.


This ideal can be mirrored to Vincent Van Gogh and his value in art today. For example he was not valued when he was alive due to his background however once absent from society altogether, he then became the most famous artist that ever lived. Meaning that when your are alive and you’re not from from a particular background in the society or were not what they would like you to be they wouldn’t accept you. Since his death in itself created this non-human ethereal being. Are we to acknowledge people only when they are dead due them being conformed to society’s acceptance?


In article in the Guardian a man from the native rainforest of brazil visits the western world his view really fascinated particularly on the way for instance we ‘are used the hoarding their goods and keeping them locked up. They probably tell themselves: “I possess all these things alone. I am so clever, I am an important man. I am rich!”(Vidal, 2014) This does mean that Wealth is judged on success in western world and rather than being content to what we do we have to prove to other that we are successful.


We are all different, therefore we are all individuals with different languages and different work patterns for instance. We see only individuals as being the ones that make an effort to emphasize their individuality rather than everybody.


However with us trying to hide our individuality internally, could that be a factor that could disrupt individuality altogether? For instance dress codes and making people idolize to one way of thinking, could homogenize society. I believe this theory to be far fetched as our society is so divided already. So I don’t think society will remove itself completely from self-identification. However it does bode many question such as how do we deconstruct individuality ? Is it just a social construct or a microcosm and a niche fascination in our society. Like our earth being a tiny planet civilization in the universe.

Vidal, J (2014) The Guardian Article about an Indigenous Brazilian visiting the western world at (Accessed on 20/04/16)


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