Chronotopia – Does Time Matter


Does Time Matter

Time I believe is a matter of no looking back.With time invented in ancient times with China having  ‘Marked candles used for telling the time in sixth century CE’(Rodgers, 2008). I believe that only humans have used time as a way of creating our modern day society. Humans living in today’s society have been born to believe time is just a part of our senses, also like the human creation of numbers. Numbers and time in itself don’t mean anything but they seem to be catalyst to our human civilization. ‘We worry about “wasting” time, as though it is a finite substance’(Hammer, 2012). I don’t understand our fascination. With society so enchained into the fact that our life ends when the clock stops.

With the world so fixated around time we have become a slave to it in our life.

As the world spins…so does the clock! We continue to base ourselves around something that isn’t real and that has no physical presence other than the clocks we create to show it.

Although I can continue to complain about humanity’s enslavement to time I believe that time is a valuable concept that we must come to accept that society has built around it. With time I believe that one of its usefulness is that it gives us the opportunity to organised our memories in into that time frame. For instance ‘that happened to in 2008 was 13’. In terms of using the element of time in our life, I believe that time is valuable resource in which it is often neglected. Although we have conjured this way of thinking of time it is often wasted. With modern day’s societies never stopping and reflecting on their lives. We keep inputting effort into time we have spent but we hardly ever reflect and look back. It is only when we are asleep is when we find time for that.

 Time in modern day society is a good concept to test and evaluate skills. For instance we can measure time spent revising and then match it up to how much we need to pass a test. In terms of metrics we need time to measure how fast a car would go. So time is used to make units such as km per hour. This speed and measurement helps us determine speed limits. Without a valuable use of timing how would we know how fast to go on certain small roads with pedestrians compared to motorways in which people need travel at a moderately fast rate but at the same time not too fast that it’s dangerous.

In conclusion I do believe that the element of time being a man creation could be seen as a form of enslavement and man-made element. On the other-hand I can also say that due to the society I grew up in that it isn’t all that bad. We can say for us to scrap this way of thinking in our modern day society would be like hindering human development. Something that has existed as an idea for thousand of the years. Yes could argue that we could find another substitute. Yet that time has not come and due to its value and usefulness in measuring productivity for instance our society. I believe the concept of time does matter and long may it exist.



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