Characters – How do characters engage audiences?


How do characters engage audiences?

Characters are separated into Main Characters and Sub Characters. In terms of engaging the audience most of the time the Main Characters are the main attraction for the audience. For instance in the movie ‘Marvel’s Iron Man’ we meet the comically adapted depiction portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. Why do we like him? In my opinion you obviously got to get the character’s appearance appealing to the audience. In this case he represents the genre of movie and his character depiction. For other movies it would be fitting a character that links to the genre and story. This would be the movie casters job would be to pick the perfect person in that role.

In terms of personality for a character ‘Tony is witty, intelligent, emotionally torn by his relationship with his father, desperate to help his friends, suffering from PTSD, heroic, and charming’(Reith, 2015).However In that sense the humanness of his character makes have that even deeper connection to the characters.


Characters which would depict a personality of villain for me would be Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean. One element of a villainous character that they need to do is capture a negative attitude towards the audience as well as ‘what their backstory and motivations are for doing what they are doing’ (Manus, 2012).

In the movie we see a cruelness in Davy Jones’s personality as he enchaines people to his own cause. This characterisation really does help set up the construction of the film. Without these visual standout characteristics for the villainous characters how do we engage the audience? How do we present these standout differences between good and evil.


However on both sides in this instance Davy Jones and Iron Man are also presented with imperfectness.This gives the audience a deeper connection to them being life like and human. As the saying goes no one is perfect, we develop like real life relationships to these characters such as an emotional attachment. For instance I was consumed and heartfelt by Iron Man’s father problems, relationship issues, arrogance and eccentric lifestyle that had convoluted his vision. For me I want to reach out and share the load and help him on his mistakes. However once we take a step backwards we then to realise that they are not real and that this is just a very effective way at developing a deep emotional bond with. This emotional bond for character to publicly shown in events such Comic Con in which we will display our love for our specific characters. When i was young iron man inspired me to be a free thinking person.

Question to why Tony Stark is such as likable character

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