Story Project – People 21/01/2015



I am a Tourist in your Country, I have traveled from Africa on weeks visit to see the sights of London and have read in many books. I am very interested in Shakespeare from my home country and now I finally have the opportunity to the visit the globe where it all started. If only I could find it. I don’t know where it is. I’m looking at the map but i still can’t see it anywhere. All I see is the Tate modern and it’s big brick architecture and some busker playing on the guitar. I feel uncomfortable to ask someone since everyone is so busy. This is like a whole new world in comparison to my home country. I feel overwhelmed. How can people live like this. I see two young adults walking to each other maybe they will help me


“Where is the globe”
“Just to your left follow the river”

“Okay, thank you very much”


Success, Ah I see it now. Wow this place looks amazing this is the place where it all began. I expected it to be much bigger though… Lets hope my expectations of the inside are not so underwhelming.