29/10/15 Globalization

‘Game of thrones: An American program , watched by me , my french cousins and my South African aunt’. Globalization is happening all around the world.

We see everyday the closing of the local high street with ‘total number of stores expected to fall from 281,930 to 220,000’[1] in 2018. With high streets losing to big shopper centres. As companies such as Starbucks and Mcdonald’s only to remain, what sense of identity do we have left? An article that BBC wrote proposed the question that ‘does globalization mean we will become one culture’[2]. This made me look in detail to this answer.

Mcdonalds: ‘world’s largest restaurant chain, with 34,480 in 119 countries’[3]. With people eating the same food eating routines of countries converge, as we all love the fast food option. This may just seem like a food chain around the world but globalisation’s grip is much more than that. Our English language becoming so prevalent on the internet we don’t even know it. With english speaking nations such as America making websites such as youtube,google and facebook all the most visited sites on the internet[4]. On youtube itself 7/10 of the top 10 subscribed youtube channels [5] are english speaking channels including 5/10 of them being music channels of english speaking artists. Speaking of english speaking artists 24/25 best selling artists are english speaking [6] (with the exception of celine dion who in many of her work also speaks english). Technology wise, the best selling phones are US designed (iphone 6 and iphone 6s) , as we all embrace the iphone.

In conclusion I believe I believe that world is becoming interconnected and that is nice to share similar interests. However with the common trend of us becoming closer together, the process is meaning smaller languages are dying with ‘one language dying every 14 days’[8]. Will see the culture and tradition becoming saturated into 1 or at least few ideologies? For me I believe this creates a common lie for capitalism ‘and its freedom of choice’ as we sleepwalk into a homogenous society without freefall thinking since we are all the same.

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[3] http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2013/08/08/countries-without-mcdonald/


[5] http://www.statsheep.com/p/Top-Subscribers

[6] http://list25.com/25-top-selling-music-artists-of-all-time/5/




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