11/11/2015 Animation Neutrality – (Allegretto 1936) by Oskar Fischinger and (Berlin Horse 1970) by Malcolm le Grice].

This animation made me think a lot about Oskar Fischinger idea of animation neutrality. For instance William Moritz explained Oskar Fischinger’s attempts  to try to pursue the untoned eye such as the idea of a baby identifying colours and society has formed those barrier which close us into set ideals. However I would argue that in creating a animation I believe the audience has there own personal opinion/ perception through life experience and although we are confined to world and nationalistic ideals each person has their own personal perception of animation

Another animator Malcolm le Grice also trying to go against narrative structure and another form of logic we need to pursue with his works such as ‘Berlin horse [1970]’ as Malcolm creates creates different layers on top of the real life images. Unlike  Oskar Fischinger I believe this animation create more barriers through the real life screenplay of the horse with Oskars work of shapes giving me more of the freedom to decide what message the animation was trying to convey.


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