10/10/2015 – Jiri Trnka – Ruka The Hand

Jiri Trnka animation at first glance looked like lighthearted animation however when looking deeply into the contextual information behind some of the actions in the animation. It made me understand many of the choices that Jiri Trnka wanted to convey. For instance in the movie I believe the hand was representing the manipulation from the government at which at that time Czech Republic was under communist influence. This is shown with hand’s constant sculpting of the pointing finger, symbolizing one idea and one choice. For me I believe this was a decision by Trnka to convey the Communism’s recent attempts ban  any art that wasn’t realism.Looking deeply into the symbolism of the one finger you could argue that the hand was try to portray the government’s attempt to ‘sculpt’ a homogeneous society under set of ideals that people have to follow.


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